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Kramer to launch collaboration products at InfoComm

Following the announcement of its acquisition of a 50% stake in streaming technology company WOW Vision, Kramer Electronics will be launching its first two collaboration products at InfoComm: the Kramer VIA Collage and the Kramer VIA Connect.

The company states that the VIA Collage is the only collaboration device that can:

  • Wirelessly allow up to six participants to show their screens on one display, with the possibility of using two displays and allowing up to twelve participants to be simultaneously displayed;
  • Allow collaboration from any mix of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and more; – enable meeting participants to simultaneously create and edit a common document through their individual devices;
  • Provide the ability for documents to be shared and saved instantaneously by all team participants
  • Offer multiple users the ability to annotate, edit or highlight any image on the screen via their touch-enabled devices.

The VIA Connect is a compact wireless presentation hub which provides quick and easy wireless connection to, and sharing of, a large screen device by several users. Multiple meeting participants can display their images, or at any time one individual presenter can choose to have only their device’s displayed. As with the VIA Collage, the VIA Connect can work with PC, Mac, iOS or Android.