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Four new speaker lines from Kramer

Kramer Electronics has expanded its end-to-end audio solutions with four new lines of speakers – Galil, Yarden, Tavor and Dolev – recently introduced at InfoComm 2014.

Kramer Electronics has expanded its end-to-end audio solutions with four new families of speakers: Galil, Yarden, Tavor and Dolev.

The Galil line is a speaker solution designed for transportation centres, hotels, educational facilities and other large venues. Galil is supported by constant voltage amplifiers and Lo−Z to Hi−Z audio transformers. It offers a range of open and closed in ceiling round speakers and a full line of on−wall speakers.

Yarden is Kramer’s new performance-based line designed for executive boardrooms, high-end hotels, banks, embassies, government facilities and music halls. They feature in-ceiling round speakers and on-wall speakers with multiple tweeters that provide varying degrees of dispersion for a variety of purposes.

The Tavor line of powered speakers offers solutions where time and space saving installations are important. Tavor includes ceiling-tile speakers, on-wall and subwoofers, and is designed for a number of large venues including transportation centres, education facilities and shopping centres.

Dolev is a range of biamplified studio grade speakers that are said to deliver clear and balanced flat response with low THD even at high volume. This line of speakers targets control rooms, editing studios and home entertainment.

“Just as we’ve been committed for over three decades to providing the best signal solutions, our four new speaker families offer our customers the highest quality audio solutions,” said Dr Joseph Kramer, founder, president and chairman of Kramer Electronics.