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Kinoton equips German cinema with D-Cinema Solutions

The newly installed Kinoton D-Cinema Solutions (DCS) include 4K and 2K projectors based on Barco technology that deliver high quality pictures in both the venue's auditoriums.

The Lichtburg cinema in Essen, Germany, has been equipped with state-of-the-art Kinoton D-Cinema Solutions (DCS) complete with Barco 2K and 4K projectors.

The install took place following celebration of the cinema’s 85th birthday in October. The venue has two auditoriums, the larger of which, with a capacity of 1,250 persons, is the largest of any cinema in Germany. Both auditoriums were fitted out with new systems.

Kinoton installed a high-quality 4D D-Cinema solution in the large auditorium. This includes a DCP 30 LX II projector – a 4K model based on Barco technology, with excellent light output and extremely uniform brightness, making it suited toward large and extra-large screens. The projector supports higher frame rates (HFR), which considerably improve the picture quality, especially with fast motion and 3D content. Kinoton also replaced the 19.5m-wide roll-up screen. Behind it is a stage that makes it possible to use the enormous auditorium for other purposes, such as theatrical and cabaret performances, readings and concerts.

In the smaller auditorium, which is named after Indian film actor Sabu and accommodates 150 viewers, Kinoton deployed a DCP 30 SX II – 2K projector. The projector was selected due to its special design, which meets the characteristic requirements of smaller screens, program cinemas, and art house cinemas.

Both of the D-Cinema projection systems can be remotely maintained via Kinoton Remote Service (KRS), thus saving time and money. Via an access channel with multiple anti-hacking shields, Kinoton’s technicians can quickly and efficiently provide support if something malfunctions and install software upgrades on the system. The useful monitoring tool ‘My Cinema’ lets the user keep an eye on the installed D-Cinema devices online via the Kinoton platform “” from anywhere.

The Lichtburg also decided to implement Kinoton DCA Digital Cinema Automation. This system makes it possible to link together the D-Cinema equipment and all auditorium functions – including still-present conventional ones – via the Kinoton CAN bus. This is said to deliver maximum flexibility for adding or changing DCA modules when and as needed.