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Record, stream and share content from a traditional whiteboard with Kaptivo’s new range of cameras

Camera solution allows content from traditional pen and ink whiteboards to be recorded and streamed

Kaptivo, a company that produces advanced cameras and software to transform any whiteboard into an online collaboration system, has expanded its portfolio to include the Kaptivo Self-Hosted and Kaptivo HDMI. 

The new whiteboard cameras are designed to attach to the top of any whiteboard, automatically saving images and securely sharing content in real time via livestream to any web browser on any device or via video conference integration.

“The release of Kaptivo Self-Hosted and Kaptivo HDMI underscores our commitment to customer-centric solutions,” said Nic Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of Kaptivo. “We have listened to AV Consultants and Network Security Managers to provide solutions that best suit the needs of the market. 

According to the firm, despite the availability of video conferencing systems and interactive displays, the traditional dry-erase whiteboard has remained a preferred ideation tool for enterprises and educators alike. Although standard in nearly every organisation, whiteboards have proven inadequate when remote sharing and digitally saving content are needed.

Cheaper alternative to interactive displays 

It claims that employees and educators often attempt to save and share whiteboards using phone or web cameras, which produce poor-quality images that show glare and obstructions. Alternatively, they may instead use a costly interactive displays that requires training, apps, and special pens. 

With Kaptivo, individuals can realize the full potential of digital collaboration using their existing whiteboard while integrating seamlessly into approved corporate technology and security policies.

“Our expanded portfolio enables us to better serve organisations with strict security policies or those looking to integrate new technology with legacy video codecs or lecture capture systems,” he added.


The on-premise Kaptivo Self-Hosted is ideal for organisations looking to improve collaboration through whiteboard archiving and sharing while accommodating strict security policies that restrict access to cloud services. No traffic leaves the corporate network, and no internet access is required. The whiteboard camera system sits securely within the network, keeping valuable company IP under the control of IT.

Kaptivo HDMI streams any whiteboard directly to any HDMI-capable display, video conference codec, or lecture capture system. It’s designed for educational institutions and enterprises who wish to integrate whiteboard livestreaming into dedicated video systems.

IT and AV administrators can now select a Kaptivo solution that seamlessly fits within their technology environment. Expanded connectivity options enable organizations to deploy quickly and immediately realize the benefits of improved collaboration and streamlined communications.


Kaptivo Enterprise is available now for $995 which includes the Kaptivo hardware and three-year cloud service (SaaS) license. There will also be options to purchase SaaS in one and five-year increments. 

The availability of Kaptivo Enterprise precedes the fall launch of Kaptivo Education, a whiteboard image capture device to enhance visual learning and enable student collaboration.