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K-array’s discreet reinforcement upgrades acoustics at Florida theatre

Palm Beach Dramaworks has upgraded its sound system, investing in a slim K-array sound reinforcement system following the theatre company’s move to a larger, 218-seat facility in downtown West Palm Beach.

The space required a professional sound reinforcement system to keep pace with the quality of productions and comply with the architectural details of the theatre, such as the very high proscenium opening. Installer Matt Kelly of Rebekah’s Dreams Entertainment & Production Services chose a K-array system with four KP102 line array elements accompanied by two KMT21 subwoofers and four KAN200 flexible array element loudspeakers.

“They (the owners) didn’t want the speakers to be visually obtrusive and wanted to keep the stage readily accessible,” Kelly explained. “We knew that the sound system had to come closer to ear level though, and KP102’s slim profile allowed that to happen.”

The KP102 array elements were small enough to mount to the side of the proscenium without impacting the architectural integrity of the theatre, while the four Anakonda KAN200 elements were placed at the edge of the stage facing the audience, improving intelligibility for the orchestra seats closest to the stage.

“These are some of the prime seats in the house, yet they were lacking intelligible audio before we installed the K-array system,” said Kelly.

“The Anakondas provided a nice fill without overpowering the other speakers.”

Palm Beach Dramaworks audio engineer, Richard Szczublewski, commented: “The K-array system delivered a significant improvement in both clarity and intelligibility. Now the theatre has great sound quality, coverage and frequency response.”