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K-array flexible speakers in NFL stadium upgrade

K-array’s Anakonda flexible speakers have been selected for a large-scale renovation project at Lincoln Financial Field, the home stadium of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

The installation took two years to complete with other upgrades including new HD video boards, WiFi, and seat expansion, all aiming to enhance the fan experience.

The K-array system is based on the Anakonda KAN200+ flexible, two-metre speaker, from its line of Installers Diversified Systems, which provides audio to premium seating on the edge of the football field where there is limited space available.

“The Anakonda is very low profile, offers a built-in daisy chaining feature, and can survive outdoor installations,” explained project supervisor and engineer, Jeff Dykhouse. “These qualities made it ideal for this sort of application.” Dykhouse, along with director of AV engineering Pete O’Neil, project manager TJ Beardsmore, had 22 Anakonda units mounted along the curvature of the stadium seating and are powered by a QSC CXD amplifier which is connected to the larger DSP system at the venue.

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