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K-array delivers enchanted forest experience for Dubai mall

K-array KT2 Tornado loudspeakers have been selected for an elaborate installation at the City Walk Dubai urban living complex that balances high performance with sleek aesthetics.

Redwood Technologies, a home technology and AV system services company based in Dubai, chose K-array solutions for the installation, which mixes innovative retail and upscale gourmet outlets.

Simulating an enchanted forest, the entrance to the children’s level at the mall contains a display lined with fabricated hollow tree structures where the client intended to replicate the sounds of birds tweeting and autumn breeze blowing without affecting the creative setup.

Procom Middle East, K-array’s exclusive distributor for the Middle East, supplied Redwood with 18 white KT2 Tornado loudspeakers that are compact 2in ceiling mounted, point sources providing also the DSP parameters for the application. The mini, discreet speakers blend into the design providing high quality audio without obstructing the overall display design.

“The installation of more conventional ceiling speakers was simply not possible,” explained Nathan Williams, director at Redwood Technologies. “Anything surface mounted would have ruined the natural feeling of the space. With the discrete and compact form factor of the K-array Tornado, we were able to meet and exceed the client’s expectations providing them a solution that also sounds great!”

“This project is representative of our company values using creative thinking and innovative technology to construct a one-of-a-kind audio experience,” said Alessandro Tatini, co-founder and president of R&D, K-array. “My compliments to the entire team!”

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