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JBL VerTec and Soundcraft feature in Norwegian Academy of Music upgrade

The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo has upgraded its light, audio and AV systems featuring JBL VerTec speakers and Soundcraft consoles.

The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo has upgraded its light, audio and AV systems with the help of distributor LydRommet and featuring JBL VerTec speakers and Soundcraft consoles.

Project engineer Stig Gunnar Ringen commented: “The installation has made the concert halls much more flexible and suited for the broad diversity of musical expressions we accommodate, without coming at the expense of the unique acoustics of the halls.”

In Lindemannsalen, the main hall, eight JBL VT4886 line array loudspeakers and two VT4883 subwoofers are fitted on each side of the stage, as well as four VT4886 loudspeakers comprising a centre cluster. A JBL VTX line array system rig is used at the floor level, as well as monitors and multi-purpose speakers from the JBL VP series.

The system is powered by nine Crown I-Tech amplifiers, and monitored and processed by JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software. Both of the concert halls have been equipped with the new Soundcraft Vi3000 console connected to a Soundcraft Vi6 stagebox, located in a central machine room.

Surrounded by 20,000m of cable, this machine room constitutes the heart of the installation. It receives audio from the concerts halls, distributes audio to the studios and houses an 80-channel mic splitter with Lundahl trafos, built by the LydRommet staff.

Eight AKG C414 microphones have been added, as well as a 12-channel Sony DWX wireless system, with eight channels designated to the Lindemann hall, and four to a mobile rack. The Clearcom intercom system has 10 wireless and 10 wired belt packs, with coverage in both halls as well as the foyer.

The main hall has also upgraded stage mechanics and a new stage curtain to cover the organ. Both halls have an upgraded DMX lighting rig, as well as an Avolites Tiger Touch console.

For audience members with hearing loss, a Phonak FM system have been provided, which equips users with a lightweight discreet receiver that communicates with T-coil hearing aids.