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ISE Tech Guide: new ‘Sub Trap’ helps control low frequencies

What it describes as ‘a new category of acoustic treatment product’ is being presented by Artnovion at ISE.

The company notes that low-frequency control is the foundation of acoustic treatment. Low-frequency issues, from harmonic room modes to high-energy fundamental resonant waves, almost entirely originate from improper room proportions and dimensions – a variable usually too complicated and expensive to alter. The solution is a bass trap, says Artnovion: a low-frequency absorber that is usually placed strategically around the room to target a certain room mode.

The new Sub Trap joins the Bass Trap HP and Bass Trap 2.0, both of which are designed to treat frequencies from 60Hz upwards. The Sub Trap was created to negate frequencies as low as 40Hz.

It uses a new membrane technology similar to a speaker cone. It is possible to precisely tune the membrane to resonate at the user’s desired frequency by simply adding or removing mass from the membrane.

Behind the membrane, in the inner workings of the trap, there is a convoluted layering of high-density foam, topped with a piston which can vary the volume behind the membrane by means of moving an airtight seal.

These features, the company notes, allow for a hertz-by-hertz calibration of the trap, to a range of ±20Hz.