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ISE Preview: Oblong eager to demonstrate its ‘Minority Report’ style collaboration tech to end users

Oblong Industries to offer demonstrations of its advanced collaboration solution Mezzanine during show and reveals number of new updates for wider business adoption

Oblong Industries to offer demonstrations of its advanced collaboration solution Mezzanine during show and reveals number of new updates for wider business adoption 

Oblong Industries is calling on end users from all industries to swing by its stand at ISE to experience its “superior” gestural controlled Mezzanine collaboration solution for themselves at ISE and experience its benefits first hand.

The LA based firm, whose technology was famously showcased in the movie Minority Report (see video), is attending its fifth ISE to date (February 6-9 in Amsterdam), joining 1,200 other exhibitors and 73,000 plus visitors – a third of which will be end users.

At its most basic, Mezzanine provides PWC with an advanced multi-screen video conferencing service. Participants can be those based in other Mezzanine installed rooms or “remoters’, who can join the conversation and view the display, anywhere via a connected PC, tablet or smartphone.

Collaboration is key to the solution, with the technology allowing people to share content, which can instantly become part of the discussion/presentation themselves in real time. Content can be added, removed, played (audio, video), and highlighted (zoom in, nom out and more) using gesture control actions, holding Oblong’s Nintendo Wii like “wireless wand”.

Forrester states that Mezzanine users (typically Fortune 500 , Global 2000 firms) experience an RoI of 246 per cent in three years – paying for itself in just eight months. Details on pricing are dependent on the package, which varies between customers.

“We’re looking forward to being part of ISE again in 2018,” said Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, Oblong.

“As well as meeting with our channel partners, ISE is a great place for us to to speak directly to end-users as it gives us a valuable opportunity to showcase our Mezzanine solution to them first hand. We find that once people experience Mezzanine for themselves, once they use the gestural wand and see the dynamic UI it offers, the technology speaks for itself. It opens people’s eyes as to the very real business benefits that they can have with a deployment of Mezzanine across office locations.”

Demonstrations/what’s new?

The Oblong team will be showcasing the company’s full range of immersive visual collaboration technologies on stand 11-D170. These include its multi-surface immersive experience of the Mezzanine 600 Series – which allows up to six screens to be used at once – to Oblong’s very latest solution for huddle rooms, the Mezzanine 200 Series (dual screen).

A number of new ‘innovations’ will be launched during the show, including its new ‘dynamic’ solution, Picture on Picture (POP), designed to enhance visual collaboration.

POP automates the size and position of the video-conferencing feed so that collaborators always have the best content-sharing experience.

“It’s magical when Mezzanine PoP automatically shrinks, moves, and expands the video conferencing window so you can focus on your shared content,” said David Kung, VP Product Strategy at Oblong. “Only Mezzanine is premised on a revolutionary spatial UI, making Picture on Picture only possible with Mezzanine.”

Other new announcements from Oblong at ISE, will include:

  • Microsoft Exchange integration makes it easy to schedule a Mezzanine room.
  • The integration takes advantage of calendaring to make starting or joining a meeting as easy as point and click.
  • Skype for Business integration brings a familiar videoconferencing UI to its users.
  • An updated Mezzanine Screencast application for wireless screen sharing now features auto-discovery and meeting support. Once the application is installed on your device, all you need to do to connect to Mezzanine is be present in the room (not dissimilar to the ease of access to a known WiFi connection.)
  • Point and click meetings are also available in the new and improved Mezzanine Screencast application.

If you wish to learn more about Oblong and the value of collaborative technology, the Oblong team will also be taking part in a number of ISE theatre sessions demonstrating how Mezzanine is transforming global workplaces.

The schedule includes:

Factory of the Future: the importance of collaboration for Industry 4.0

6th February 2018, 16:30 – 17:00, Unified Communications Theatre

Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA for Oblong Industries, will be discussing how the physical world and the digital world are becoming more intertwined – particularly in the manufacturing sector. As big business embarks on the era of Industry 4.0, enterprises must be ready to adapt in order to become Factories of the Future. This means embracing high-tech strategies, characterized by adaptability, innovation, resource efficiency and seamless collaboration, which can meet the challenges of a distributed workforce and create value.

Building a Global Team: why innovative worldwide collaboration is key for big business

7th February 2018, 13:30 – 14:00, Unified Communications Theatre

Mike Brown, CRO for Oblong Industries, will explore a case study with the virtual design office of a major automotive brand to uncover strategies for uniting team and vision for a globally distributed workforce. New collaboration technology can empower everyone in an organisation to work better together and ensure that all teams across an organisation can collaborate in a content-rich environment; sharing information and ideas across distributed locations easily is key so that decisions are made and work is done.

Driving innovation and creating impact; the workplace of the future

9th February 2018, 10:30 – 11:00, Unified Communications Theatre

Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA for Oblong Industries, and Dan Alldis, Future Technology Manager of Global Sat Comms manufacturer Inmarsat, will discuss how enterprises must adapt to changing business needs by creating more dynamic, creative, and collaborative work spaces. It’s important for the physical design of such spaces that flexible and adaptive technology solutions are deployed.