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What ISE means to the manufacturers: NEC, VP display solutions, Simon Jackson

Ahead of ISE. AVTE speaks to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers about their experiences of the show, the value of speaking to end users and what visitors can expect

As we build up towards ISE 2018 in Amsterdam, AVTE speaks to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers about their experiences of the show, the importance of speaking to end users and what they can expect 

Ahead of the world’s biggest AV trade show on earth, AVTE wanted to find out what it is about ISE – a show that attracts more than 1,200 exhibitors – that keeps them coming back for more.

We sat down with NEC’s VP of display solutions, Simon Jackson to get his thoughts.

To kick things off, why is it important for you and your company to be present at ISE?

The ISE show is one of the biggest and best professional industry events so it’s a fantastic platform at which to showcase our technology leadership.

What would you say are the key benefits of attending?
To host such an event which continues to grow year-on-year yet maintain a highly qualified audience profile is impressive, we want to be part of this success. Our display solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of numerous industry sectors – ISE is attracting end-customers from our key vertical markets so our investment is well placed, and the networking opportunities are invaluable.

What are your (NEC’s) objectives?

NEC will unveil its new campaign theme “Create Endless Impressions”, which highlights how its range of display technologies enables users to create experiences which engage, connect and impress audiences.

The event will be rich with business opportunities so we will certainly be maximising the networking potential to maintain and build relationships. We have identified increasing numbers of end-users travelling to ISE which offers exciting opportunities to create new contacts.

Our product and solution portfolio is vast so we use ISE to showcase our latest display technologies. 2018 will see a special focus on solutions for retail signage, large venues and corporate conferencing

How does ISE compare to other shows around the world that you exhibit at? 

It’s so much more than just size. ISE maintains a niche focus yet attracts and maintains high quality visitors, even as it grows.

Who are you looking to appeal towards at the show?

We are looking to engage with decision-makers and influencers within businesses seeking professional display applications. Our focus verticals include corporate, retail, higher education, leisure and hospitality and rental and staging.

ISE has become a major destination for end users. How important is it for you to be able to speak directly to end-users?

NEC Display Solutions has the broadest display solutions portfolio in the industry – LED, LCD and laser projection – we are truly and uniquely technology agnostic. By talking directly with the end user we take a consultative stance; by fully understanding the customers’ needs we are well placed to recommend the perfect fit technology solution in order to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

Likewise, how important is it for end users to be able to speak directly to you?

NEC has a strong customer-centric and vertical focus. We are recognised as a trusted advisor and a total solutions provider. ISE is a great opportunity to showcase real-life scenarios whereby end-users can be inspired to find out how a solution might benefit their own business, such as managing an in-store digitalisation roll out to increase customer service levels or to connect and work with people remotely in a meeting room environment.

What can our readers expect to see at your stand and why should they take the time to stop by?

Product highlights this year include our Direct View LED displays (pictured below) for both indoor and outdoor applications. We will showcase our large format displays up to 98” including our all new professional C Series for seamless integration and our V and P Series of Raspberry Pi-compatible displays, which enable new applications for sensor-based and context-aware signage. From our projector ranges we will feature the new flagship 4K installation projector with 35K ANSI lumen and new RB laser technology (combining best colour performance with cost consciousness). Another talking point will be the new NEC InfinityBoard, the company’s all-in-one meeting room, corporate conferencing and collaboration solution. Visitors are encouraged to visit our dedicated microsite to pre book a stand tour and find out what they can expect to see at our stand

Are you making any announcements at the show? If yes, perhaps give our readers a bit of teaser?
This year we have invested heavily in direct view LED solutions demonstrating the exciting opportunities this technology offers for retail environments, high level board room and meeting rooms, leisure and hospitality – the effect will be striking!

Beyond the stand itself, is there anything else you or your company will be doing at ISE?

Visitors can plan their visit by first visiting our dedicated ISE microsite where there is information on what they can expect at our stand, product highlights and a link to book a stand tour

Where can visitors find you?

Visitors to the NEC booth 5-R20 in hall 5 can experience simulations of real-world display applications, including solutions using new large format displays and impressive high resolution laser projection.