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ISE 2014: DiGiCo launches D2-Rack

Digital audio solutions manufacturer DiGiCo introduced its D2-Rack at ISE 2014.

Currently available for use with the SD8 and SD9 consoles, the D2-Rack is designed to support and expand the SD Range’s higher sample rate I/O solutions. It comes with either BNC or Cat5 MADI connections, allowing it to be used with a number of DiGiCo consoles or as a stand-alone unit.

By using the latest convertors found in DiGiCo’s SD Range, the D2-Rack offers a more compact, more efficient, more affordable rack solution for connection at either 48kHz or 96kHz with no I/O reduction.

Two I/O versions are available. The first offers:

• 48 mic inputs
• 16 line outputs
• Two blank output slots allowing an additional 16 outputs in the users’ desired format: analogue, AES or Aviom

The other I/O option is:

• 24 mic inputs
• 24 AES inputs
• 16 line outputs
• Two blank output slots (as above)

The D2-Rack 96kHz option is available for the SD8, allowing the user to take advantage of recent performance increases in the SD8’s Stealth Digital Processing. A new system will be introduced that includes the SD8 surface with the D2-Rack with a system price advantage.

The SD9 D2-Rack system will be available with either rack option.

“Being able to open up the full 96kHz potential of the SD8, SD9 and SD11 with this next generation of I/O conversion is an impressive upgrade,” said DiGiCo managing director James Gordon. “It allows users to get unrivalled audio quality at a total system latency of just over 1ms.”

Watch DiGiCo’s James Gordon present the D2-Rack and the DiGiGrid MGB interface here: 

Also new is the compact and portable DiGiGrid MGB interface. This enables any coaxial MADI-enabled device to plug into the Waves SoundGrid networking and processing platform. Up to 128 audio channels can then be recorded, processed and played back, using hundreds of Waves and third-party plugins. Latency is only 0.8 milliseconds.

The DiGiGrid MGB interface enables recording to two computers simultaneously: one for virtual soundcheck, the other for back-up. This means that shows can be set-up via laptop from any location.