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Interactive Scape launches new object recognition standard

Interactive Scape, the Berlin-based multi-touch software and hardware developer, has launched Capore Plus, a new standard for tangible object recognition.

Capore Plus, which was launched at ISE 2017, is an advancement of the company’s Capore Basic solution, and is claimed to be the most effective and reliable tangible object recognition technology currently available.

A precise object touch system that ensures there are no ‘false positives’ during operation, Capore Plus is said to be effective in all light conditions and has up to 80 simultaneous touches, 26 simultaneous objects and virtually unlimited object IDs. Utilising PCAP touch technology from 3M, Capore Plus supports small, flexible objects thanks to markers that are currently only 7.5cm in diameter (and expected to be even smaller going forward) and 0.7cm deep, and can be attached to any object, regardless of its conductivity. Alternative object recognition solutions using PCAP require conductible, bulky objects.

Capore Plus works on Interactive Scape’s ‘scape tangible’ displays, which are built into all of its object recognition tables, including the recently launched Pro Scape 55 UHD, but also can be bought separately using 3M sensors, in regular 43in, 55in and 65in screen sizes. The displays output the TUIO signal, which allows for touch and object data, and the application PC can be Windows, Mac or Linux – with users free to choose their programming framework.

“We’re very excited to be announcing our new Capore Plus solution at ISE 2017,” said Marcel Graf, responsible for business development at Interactive Scape. “Having introduced our initial game-changing Capore solution a year ago [now called Capore Basic], our new Capore Plus technology takes things to a completely different level, completely eclipsing competing solutions on efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility and cost.

“More costly competing systems are expensive to set-up, calibrate and maintain, and only offer low-resolution full HD resolution. They also won’t operate in all light conditions and the touch recognition is unsatisfactory. Cheaper systems only offer a theoretical maximum of 32 touches and only five different object IDs.”

Interactive Scape also offers a software solution suite called easire, which organises and updates interactive multi-touch content using the Cloud (CMS).