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Integral releases LED ceiling panels

New range of retrofit LED ceiling panels from Integral offer rapid payback.

Integral LED delivers further cost savings with the launch of its LED ceiling panel range. The simple design and no-nonsense engineering has been key in the development of a panel range that offers a secure ‘no-brainer’ for customers looking to enjoy the reduced overhead that LED lighting provides.

Business customers looking for a retrofit replacement for original fluorescent lighting units are presented with a wide spectrum of product choices. Integral LED has taken care to research the needs of corporate and other organisations and have arrived at a product with a high-build quality that undercuts the competition in terms of price.

The Integral LED Imandra range has 35W (3200 lm) and 45W (3800 lm) versions to fit the omnipresent 600 x 600 square in a typical suspended ceiling grid. Both give a cool white light with a superior brightness efficacy of 91lm/W. The Imandra range is a back-lit panel with LEDs aligned vertically across the whole face of the unit. This arrangement offers an even density of light at a 110-degree angle, which is computer screen friendly and can be used in all applications including offices, meeting rooms, corridors, communal areas and retail.

“To deliver a quality build at a low unit price, we stripped away all the unnecessary styling that seems to preoccupy other lighting panel brands. We chose back-lit because side-lit units offer no advantage for managers in charge of refurbishments,” states Alex Duggan, senior product manager at Integral LED. “Prudent component research from our select group of technology partners has created a unit at a cost that will challenge our competitors.”

The Imandra LED ceiling panel is fitted with a polycarbonate diffuser that has been tested by a UK based laboratory and passes BS782-0:2004 Method 508A as required by safety regulations.

Integrated drivers and Integral’s simple-to-use connector system have been designed with ease of installation and low maintenance in mind. The unit’s low cost ensures that the widely heralded power savings are delivered whilst providing the equivalent level of light provided by obsolete fluorescent units.

The range is complete with an emergency back-up version compliant with fire exit and escape route regulations. The integrated emergency function ensures that in the event of mains power failure the panel will continue emitting light for a minimum of 3 hours.