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Integral LED launches Metropol downlights

Integral’s Metropol range of LED downlights offers 32 easy-to-fit models

Integral LED has extended its range of LED lamps, strips and panels by launching the Metropol line-up of LED downlights. Extensive research and testing has resulted in this new range of ultra-stylish downlights. Metropol delivers a no-fuss, no-nonsense solution, which reduces time spent on-site when installing a new lighting scheme or converting an existing installation.

A thorough review of products currently available in the market place, combined with feedback from the trade steered the Integral LED design team toward a practical approach across a spectrum of important features. The products incorporate Sharp’s chip-on-board LED technology delivering uniform and consistent light levels whilst avoiding undesirable shadows. Special attention has been paid to the problem of glare, which was one of the main problems identified; indeed, glare has been the most common complaint and cause of negative customer experience in residential and commercial applications. The accurate positioning of the recessed LED combined with a unique and optically-designed reflector, creates a range of low-glare downlights with UGR rating of 10 or below.

Integral have continued the use of the simple ‘push and lock’ connector design, first introduced in its range of LED panel lights. Integral LED downlights have a generous amount of space between the cut-out and the trim, engineered to allow for the many variations of ceiling – this also provides a margin for error during installation.

The design incorporates a clear diffuser to protect the LED during and after installation. The diffuser ensures the LED is kept clean, even in the most demanding environments, ensuring optimal lighting performance throughout the life of the product.

Integral LED products offer excellent energy savings and lower running costs compared to alternative lamp technology as well as long lamp life.