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InstallAwards finalists: Corporate/Industrial Star Product Award

For one of our final award previews, we look at the Star Product Award in the Corporate/Industrial category. This covers installations in boardrooms, atriums, control rooms, simulation/visualisation facilities etc – facilities that are used by people while they are working, rather than by the public.

The star product award focuses on a single part of the installation – a product that performs a key role in the overall system design. We’re especially interested in products that provide a new solution for an existing issue.

Holovis VR CAVE – Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Jaguar Land Rover’s Warwickshire HQ fitted a three-phase virtual reality experience including a VR Cave that can amend product designs in real time.

The Holovis VR CAVE is used to create the Design Analysis Area. Users are immersed in a 1:1 scale model within which they can naturally interact with the data as if real.

The CAVE is a four-sided space with each screen three metres wide and capable of showing 3D volumetric, real-time data perfectly blended into one image. This is mapped using eight Sony 4K projectors with users wearing wireless head tracking devices so that the world around them constantly moves to their perspective, allowing the user to analyse the data interactively looking inside, around and even underneath objects.

Analog Way AW VideoCompositor – Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole

A renewal of the bank’s AV system with the AW VideoCompositor allowing the client to display at least three sources all operated through a single Crestron touchscreen.

K-array KZ12– Royal Automobile Club, Mountbatten Room

A new loudspeaker system was installed in the RAC Club’s Mountbatten Room, which hosts banquets and conferences. The brief was to provide a system that delivered a natural sound with seamless coverage and for it to be as aesthetically sympathetic to the room’s architecture as possible.

The ultra miniaturised line-array element is discrete for installation in sensitive architectural surroundings, but has a wide frequency response and high dynamic range to deliver audio generally associated with larger cabinets.

SiliconCore Peony 2.6 with anti moiré filter – NRK broadcast studio

LED manufacturer SiliconCore and integrator Display Systems developed what is claimed to be the world’s first high resolution LED wall with anti moiré filter for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s (NRK) new state-of-the-art studio.

SiliconCore’s Common Cathode Technology design is more efficient at generating a given brightness for a given amount of power, ensuring that less is wasted as heat, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of the display for industry leading total cost of ownership.

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