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InFocus Q+A on Mondopad Ultra launch and Surface Hub

InFocus has introduced a new line of multitouch collaboration displays that offer videoconferencing, interactive whiteboarding and data sharing in 80in and 85in screen sizes.

The 4K 80in INF8022 Mondopad Ultra is available now in the US and the 85in INF8521 Mondopad Ultra will be available worldwide in September.

We talk to InFocus CMO Brady Bruce to find out more about the Mondopad Ultra and how its stacks up to the Microsoft Surface Hub.

What particular applications are going to benefit most from the extra screen size and functionality?

The generous size can enable more people to see and collaborate, whether it’s a video conference on screen, a slide presentation, a shared document or spreadsheet, a shared whiteboard, or a combination of the above.

Mondopad is an amazing and valuable device and integrates into existing rooms and enterprise right out of the box. This single, bright screen hangs on a wall, plugs into power, plugs into the network and does the work of a half dozen other products. It replaces the projector, the whiteboard and marker, the audio conferencing system, and the videoconferencing system. Users can share the content they bring into the room on their laptops and mobile devices, and collaborate with both local and remote colleagues. There’s a perfect Mondopad screen size for every conference room, huddle room, briefing centre, and classroom – large or small.

Our Mondopad users accomplish incredible things every day in interesting and critical applications ranging from global enterprise management, to K-12 classrooms, higher education, emergency operations centres, manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, intelligent transportation systems, government, national defence, and healthcare.

How much has the Surface Hub made manufacturers in this space raise their game?

InFocus launched Mondopad in September 2011. The first all-in-one, touch-enabled conferencing and collaboration system. With each successive generation, Mondopad has continued to add industry leading performance and features – most recently, ultra high definition 4K displays, the latest capacitive touchscreen technology, and enormous 85in screens.

While we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, we certainly take note of what our competition is doing. Microsoft’s entry into the space confirms the category we founded and our belief that business, government, and education want Mondopad and products like it. We’re glad to see them join the industry we pioneered and bring even more market awareness to it. The way we see it, they’re following our lead and competition always drives even greater innovation and value.

InFocus has one profound advantage: We’ve been in the space for five years, have delivered tens of thousands of Mondopads to users of every stripe around the world, and have had the benefit of conversations with thousands of actual users about what they like and what they would like to see next. Our development roadmap is driven by the experience and input of real users with great ideas.

Do you think the Surface Hub has had as big an impact as was expected?

As one might expect, they get a lot of press and we’re happy to see the increased attention on the product category. They haven’t delivered Surface Hub in large volumes yet, especially in the larger screen sizes, so it’s too early to gauge its actual impact. We’re already in the market with three very large Mondopad and Mondopad Ultra products, including 70in, 80in, and 85in models that are built on our proven and reliable platform.

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