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InFocus on workplace collaboration tools and paperless teamwork

Technology has failed to keep pace with the evolving collaboration needs within different office environments, particularly informal meetings for small teams. That’s the opinion of Robert Detwiler of InFocus, who talks to us about the company’s approach to workplace collaboration tools, including the DigiEasel interactive touch solution launched earlier this year.

Previously we looked at video collaboration in the cloud and the impact WebRTC is having on videoconferencing in office environments. Here we return to the theme of workplace collaboration with InFocus and talk to product marketing manager Robert Detwiler about the DigiEasel, and more broadly about addressing the need for easier implementation of collaboration tools.

The DigiEasel, launched by InFocus in September, is an interactive touch solution that enables small groups of employees to collaborate informally. As Robert Detwiler explained: “The DigiEasel facilitates teamwork in smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces and lets users capture the discussion digitally. DigiEasel’s digital whiteboard benefits people in several ways through skipping the search for a marker and instead saving written notes to reference later and so much more; just try surfing the Web on a giant pad of paper.”

Detwiler also contends that technology has failed to keep pace with the need for small teams to hold short, informal meetings, despite the need existing for years. “DigiEasel is designed to be that quick and easy-to-use device for exactly that scenario,” he said.

When considering workplace environments, there are additional considerations as workforces are drawn from more diverse backgrounds with different technology needs. Detwiler commented: “While finding a uniform tech solution that every employee can get behind is a near-impossible task, companies can invest in technology that works with the diverse tech that employees bring to the meeting; and create technological unity that way.”

On the topic of what workplace collaboration will look like in five years’ time: “You can’t get work done, especially global business or remote education, unless you are effectively connected in a reliable, easy way,” said Detwiler. “This is becoming an even bigger initiative for global companies today and will continue to over the next five years. InFocus believes that systems-level solutions specifically designed to improve communication and collaboration while eliminating the need to travel is what companies will need moving forward.”

Detwiler concluded: “We believe videoconferencing, digital whiteboards, projection and interactive touchscreens are the products that are going to help teams collaborate, save money and increase business. We’d like to see a workplace of the future where companies embrace collaboration and give their employees the tools needed to do so successfully and easily across the boardroom, the office, or the globe.”

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