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InfoComm 2019: Work Pro expands lighting console range

On show at InfoComm 2019, this product from Equipson’s WORK PRO is designed to revolutionise the lighting market

Work Pro has announced the addition of the LS-Wing to its LightShark DMX-based hardware lighting consoles ahead of InfoComm 2019. The LS-Wing is a new fader wing that doubles the number of direct DMX universes available with each product in the range.

LightShark consoles already offer two direct DMX universes via an XLR connector but by adding a new, cost effective LS-Wing, the LS-1 and LS-Core are transformed into consoles that can deliver a total of direct DMX universes, thus significantly increasing functionality.

Since launching in 2017, LightShark consoles have delivered intermediate level products that are not limited by features or price. Available in two versions – the LS-1, which includes a hardware console, and the more affordable LS-Core – LightShark offers completely integrated hardware and software control via smartphones and tablets connected to the internet. These consoles can handle up to 4192 DMX channels and work with industry-standard DMX, sACN and Artnet lighting protocols, enabling easy integration into existing production environments and lighting rigs.

The launch of LS-Wing is a three in one device that can be configured in a variety of different modes to suit different applications.

“One of the most exciting features of LS-Wing is its ability to operate in Open Sound Control (OSC) mode, making this the world’s first OSC hardware controller,” said Juan Jose Vila, CSO of Equipson, WORK PRO’s parent company. “We are incredibly excited to bring to market a product that can send OSC commands via ethernet networks to any device or software controlled by the OSC protocol. This is truly ground breaking and we anticipate huge interest from professionals working in theatres and on live shows who want to easily integrate their lighting control with other applications such as music, video and media servers.”

As well as OSC console mode and straightforward fader wing mode, LS-Wing can also be configured as a standalone MIDI console for any device that accepts MIDI control via USB. A total of three USB ports are provided, including a USB-B port, making it easy to connect to MIDI devices and charge smartphones and tablets.

Designed to reflect the look and aesthetics of WORK PRO’s existing LS-1 hardware controller, LS-Wing also incorporates a device holder than can accommodate up to a 13in tablet. For safety’s sake, two fixing points are incorporated so that smart devices can be tethered to the console via Kensington locks.

LS-Wing’s surface control comprises 20 executor buttons and 10 playbacks with their respective selection, flash and execution of scenes. Alongside its surfeit of USB ports, LS-Wing also has two Ethernet Gigabit switch ports, a TrueOne (110/220V) mains connector and an XLR connector for a 5V LLG-1 LED lamp.