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InfoComm 2019: Community to showcase major new product lines

Community Professional Loudspeakers is set to exhibit two new product lines at InfoComm 2019 next week.

In Demo Room #W224E, Community will be introducing the L SERIES LVH-900 loudspeaker system, with beamforming technology that addresses the unique coverage and projection challenges of large venues and stadiums. There will also be demonstrations of the I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600 and the launch of ALC Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers.

The new L SERIES LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn, combined with Community’s proprietary room prediction software and Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers, precisely tailors the directivity of each loudspeaker, or array of loudspeakers, to meet the sound requirements in any application. Designed for exceptional performance in large venues, each LVH-900 consists of four 12in LF drivers, three Community M200 midrange compression drivers and four 1.5in HF compression drivers. Using patent-pending techniques, all drivers integrate into a single tri-axial waveguide that fills the entire 36 x 31in face of the enclosure, providing pattern control to below 200Hz. The LVH-906 and LVH-909 offer 60° or 90° of fixed horizontal dispersion, respectively, with each allowing vertical dispersion beamforming ranging from 60° to 20°, in symmetric or asymmetric configurations.

The new ALC Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers are designed to provide all of the signal routing, zone switching, DSP processing, protective limiting, remote monitoring, and amplification functions needed between a mixer and the loudspeakers in virtually any small to medium-sized Community loudspeaker installation. A simple drag and drop user interface enables projects to be quickly created and the included Community loudspeaker library incorporates all the required pre-sets, including loudspeaker-optimised DSP processing and multi-stage protective limiting. Each ALC channel can directly drive 70V/100V distributed loudspeakers, low impedance loudspeakers from 2 ohms, or any mixed configuration of low and high impedance output loads. The line includes the ALC-404D (four channels x 400W), the ALC-1604D (four channels x 1,600W), and the ALC-3202D (two channels x 3,200W).

Community is also hosting a 90-minute Manufacturers’ Training Session on Tuesday, 11th June 11 at 3pm, entitled ‘Which Loudspeakers, How Many, Where to Point Them?’ The session will provide an introduction to Community’s new array builder software – its features, technology, workflow, and EASE Focus integration.