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InfoComm 2014: Tannoy launches CMS 3.0 ceiling speaker

The third generation of Tannoy’s premium in-ceiling loudspeaker system is said to feature a new evolutionary milestone development of the company's Dual Concentric transducer technology.

The third generation of Tannoy’s premium in-ceiling loudspeaker system features a new evolutionary milestone development of the company’s Dual Concentric transducer technology.

According to the manufacturer, CMS 3.0 represents a new pinnacle in sonic performance from a ceiling loudspeaker device, bringing even higher degrees of intelligibility, more consistent broadband directivity, and a brighter, more accurate soundstage. CMS 3.0 also introduces several mechanical and aesthetic features to benefit both systems designer and contractor alike.


The new line of Dual Concentric equipped CMS comprises five models – CMS 403DCe, CMS 503DC, CMS 603DC and CMS 803DC – each designed to replace previous equivalent iterations – plus an all-new CMS 803DCQ 8in high-Q model, designed for high-ceiling/longer throw applications. At the heart of each device is the next-generation Dual Concentric transducer, providing improved performance by virtue of a fundamentally new design.

The new driver features revolutionary Omnimagnet technology and a Torus Ogive Waveguide assembly to deliver more consistent and controlled directivity, with notable improvement in higher frequency ranges, in comparison to previous generations. The brand new design also delivers improved time alignment and greater coherence between LF and HF, resulting in an even wider sweet spot and brighter, more defined and precise sound.

Philippe Robineau, director of engineering for Tannoy, commented: “Having enjoyed huge success with CMS Series over a long period, we had a good feel for the market in terms of how we could develop the product further. We listened closely to the consultant community and our key contracting customers and identified the areas where we needed to focus, in order to make a great loudspeaker even better.”

“We believe we have achieved just that, and we’re confident that CMS 3.0 represents the new benchmark in the premium in-ceiling audio space. We can only make that assertion, given that we had ourselves to beat.”

In addition to new driver technology, CMS 3.0 also benefits from new magnetically adhering grilles, easy to fit or remove (for hassle-free custom painting) and available in either Classic (traditional, inset within the bezel) or new Arcostyle – designed to conceal the entire unit including the bezel beneath a sleek architectural grille, for applications where mitigating any aesthetic impact is a driving factor.