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InfoComm 2014: SurgeX launches apps for smart energy management

SurgeX is launching Axess Manager and Axess Manager Mobile, new desktop (Windows) and mobile (iOS and Android) apps designed to let users monitor the power conditions and control the power functions within multiple installations from a single location. The new apps automatically discover devices on a network and allow remote management through an intuitive user interface on a desktop PC or mobile device. Axess Manager also offers enhanced management of all SurgeX Axess Suite products, including Axess Elite, Axess and Axess Ready products, allowing users to execute reboots, power cycling, outlet on/off, user permission management and more.

Axess Manager uses a single interface to manage multiple locations, with the ability to uniquely classify and manage each installation. The streamlined approach makes it easy to identify power-related issues and allows for simple navigation and management of existing installs, especially when new devices and systems are constantly being added to the network.

“What integrators have been missing is an intuitive way to monitor and manage power across numerous installations,” said Shannon Townley, president, SurgeX. “Axess Manager is the ideal solution to securely track the status of all installations from a single screen, and immediately act on issues when necessary.”

System administrators have a full set of tools to manage devices and user permissions. A single username and password is all that’s required to add or access any device on the network. For added security, administrators can deactivate a user with a mouse click, so they no longer have access to any install or device on the network. If there is an issue or unauthorised actions are taken through the app, Axess Manager can provide a PDF or Excel report documenting all system and user activity to quickly pinpoint the problem.

Dealers can customise the GUI with their own logo and branding.