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InfoComm 2014: Listen Technologies and Ampetronic launch Loopworks

Ampetronic, a leading provider of audio induction loop systems, together with its US distributor Listen Technologies, is launching Loopworks at InfoComm 2014. Loopworks is a package of tools and systems with fully integrated expert support that, it is claimed, will transform working with hearing loops at all levels.

At the heart of Loopworks is an online interface that gives rapid access to a suite of knowledge and tools, including measurement systems, design tools, training materials, an Ampetronic knowledge base and rapid access to project support.

At InfoComm 2014 Ampetronic is demonstrating the first module of Loopworks to go live, a completely new and automated test and measurement platform called Loopworks Measure. Measure combines a smartphone or tablet app with a self-calibrating probe to measure the magnetic fields generated by hearing loop systems. A back-end web tool automates the process of collecting data, creating certification or test reports and direct access to support from loop experts. Measure brings together excellent value, high performance measurement, and ease of use to create a new end-to-end hearing loop measurement system.

The new system can operate both as a sophisticated test platform when installing loop systems, and as a cost- effective tool for regular monitoring and maintenance by venue operators or maintenance companies. Much greater adoption of high-quality measurement will improve the chance of delivering high-quality loop systems for the long term.

Ampetronic is also opening a beta trial for its Loopworks Designer. Loopworks Designer is a tool for the design, analysis and output of induction loop designs. Used and developed by Ampetronic and its customers over 25 years, Designer is a highly established and proven design tool bringing the best of Ampetronic’s methodologies into the hands of specifiers and contractors.

As Designer makes a transition to an online tool within Loopworks, Ampetronic is inviting participants to join the Beta testing phase. Interested parties can sign up at the Listen booth (C10339) to get exclusive early access to the new tools, as well as the chance to access the Loopworks knowledge base and training materials.