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Infinitus launches direct sunlight displays

Specialist outdoor LCD developer Infinitus is launching a new line of outdoor digital signage displays called the imotion FLOW.

The range features twelve professional all-in-one freestanding and wallmount digital signs intended for public areas that are exposed to direct sun. The displays can operate in temperatures ranging from 25ºC and 40ºC (77ºF and 104ºF).

The imotion FLOW product line utilises high on-surface temperature resistant LCD panels (up to 110ºC), which guarantees the safe operation of integrated components within warranted operation temperature ranges (temperature should never exceed 50ºC within enclosure). These IP56 enclosed systems include potent technical health surveillance software controlmotion FLOW. Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum with the units thanks to automatic call-on-site functionality, which can summon owners to the location only when attention is needed. Furthermore, systems also recognise when air filters need to be cleaned or changed. With controlmotion ADVANCE server based software upgrade customer can have real time overview of all units’ health status at once, further minimising maintenance after purchase costs, and securing performance. This is especially useful for larger networks. imotion FLOW signs come in sizes of 32in, 47in, 55in and 72in. Wallmount versions are available also in landscape (horizontal) orientation.

All units can be equipped with different LCD panels, PCT touch screen technology, camera, Wi-Fi, 3G, speakers, microphone, wheels for portable solutions and anti-graffiti coating.