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Indigo Distribution launches “revolutionary” new mobile app for dealers

The free app is designed to help make it easier for dealers to find, choose and purchase products

Home automation and AV systems distributor Indigo Distribution, has created a brand new mobile app, designed to help save dealers “hours of work” when finding and buying products and solutions.

The new app from the Northern Ireland based firm, provides the ability to now toggle between retail and trade pricing, automatically create a kit list, produce a purchase order and client quotation, provide a room by room quote that can be directly presented to the client with a final system price, add in labour and other associated costs, and more.

The Indigo app, available for free to dealers on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is directly linked to the Indigo Rewards Program, providing premium partners with access to a range of added features, such as an ELAN system user guide, a cable schedule, network map and wiring schematic, in addition to cash back and free shipping, depending on the tier of the dealer.

“With the Indigo app, we are revolutionising how our dealers do business and improve the results of their clients’ final projects,” explained Indigo Managing Director Matthew Booth. “Through the app, all dealers have access to the design and quote features, with additional benefits added on depending on each dealer’s level in the Indigo Rewards Program. We plan to continue to expand on the app’s capabilities to ensure that we’re always providing our dealers with the most efficient technology and the best dealer benefits available. The app was also created by Indigo, which means that our customers’ feedback is taken into account right away and we can therefore operate changes whenever it is needed.”