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Giving live productions the ‘XR’ factor

Brompton Technology processing and ROE Visual LED panels are helping to showcase the role XR technologies are playing in enhancing live productions and events

Brompton Technology has unveiled details of its work with LA-based XR Studios on a number of high profile extended reality (XR) productions.

XR Studios, which collaborates with Fuse Technical Group, uses two high-spec LED stages featuring equipment from the likes of Brompton Technology processing and ROE Visual LED panels to create enhanced XR services for high profile productions such as the MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Movie & TV Awards, Katy Perry’s debut performance of her single Daisies on American Idol, and a number of high-profile esports and corporate events.

Both LED stages have ROE Black Pearl 2.8mm LED panels for the back wall, with ROE Black Marble 4mm LED canvases in matte finish for the floor. The centre stage is 72-feet wide, 20-feet tall, and 27-feet deep and is used for larger productions, while the smaller stage, measuring approximately 25 by 25 feet, resembles a cube. Both run on Brompton Tessera SX40 4K LED processors.

XR Studios CTO, Scott Millar, explained, “By using extended reality technologies where we are constantly connecting the real world to the virtual realm, our colour requirements are especially rigid. Brompton processors give us full on-screen colour control as well as the ability to dynamically change the brightness of the LED panel as and when needed,” he said. “We are also big fans of the Tessera software which has a high number of pre-sets and features that allow us to be really creative and uninhibited with how the visuals are configured.”

“It was evident that without Brompton processors it would be much more difficult to achieve the level of visual performance needed,” continued Millar. “They allow you to have access to the full spectrum of colour management features that make the work of combining the virtual world and real world a smooth and hassle-free experience. Brompton’s support is also second to none. We appreciate that relationship.”

XR Studios’ director, JT Rooney added, “Our success story with XR Studios would not have been possible without our technical partner Fuse, but the relationship with the Brompton support team has also played an integral part in us being able to deliver a consistent and reliable service and really push the envelope of the XR world.”

As for XR technology’s role going forward, Millar suggests that XR has great use cases in areas such as live streaming and broadcast. “Accelerated by the global pandemic, XR has a great position in the world of entertainment. We are already seeing this with the music performances, award shows, game shows, corporate and brand events we work on,” he said. “The nice thing is, that in the future, we can still continue using XR as we are now but also offer a new way of enhancing physical experiences with extended and mixed realities.”