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Navori Labs provides scalable signage network for Home Depot

Navori Labs’ QL Professional digital signage engine has been specified for a new signage network throughout 115 Home Depot Mexico stores. The aim of the large-scale installation is to strengthen the branding for the company’s ‘Do More DIY’ campaign, with the Navori Labs engine recommended by Monterrey-based reseller Megapantallas de Mexico SA de CV (MDM).

The MDM package included Navori Labs QL software, Android OS media players, digital displays and other hardware components. MDM also provided technical support and training, enabling a quick learning curve for employees who immediately began creating, programming and managing media content in-house. MDM is hosting the QL software, taking advantage of its cloud-based design to reduce operational costs and eliminate systems management on the end user side.

“Since our service department is highly specialised in Navori Labs software, The Home Depot Mexico chose to outsource the technical operation of its digital signage network to MDM,” commented Gerardo Ylizaliturri, CEO of MDM. “As a reliable, dedicated value-added reseller, we can pass savings onto our customers by not only buying licenses, servers and infrastructure, but hosting cloud systems within our architecture. Navori Labs’ cloud-based design essentially helps to remove the systems management burden from our customers, who can instead focus on the creation and management of compelling network content.”

The network has proved useful not only for the ‘Do More DIY’ campaign, but also for special seasonal promotions and sales merchandise in stores. MDM recommended Navori Labs in part due because of its ease of installation enabling a quick rollout of the network in advance of seasonal shopping.

“The most pressing concern was quick deployment, as the digital signage network needed to be fully installed, set-up and operational nationwide within that tight timeframe,” said Ylizaliturri. “The system also needed to play high-quality video and audio without interfering with each store’s Internet connections or broadband service. With its ease of setup, intuitive operation and high-quality displays, Navori Labs was the best fit for the end user’s unique needs.”

The rollout included delivery of 42in video screens and Android media players to each store. Within 20 days, MDM mounted the screens, configured the QL software, activated the media players, and tested and deployed all systems across the 115 stores. MDM additionally conducted a two-hour class so that Home Depot system administrators could immediately begin handling day-to-day media content management and broadcasting.

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