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Historic Parisian venue opts for Amadeus in concert hall refit

La Gaîté Lyrique Theatre in Paris has upgraded to a sound system based on the newest Amadeus DIVA M² array speakers to meet growing demand for a more discreet system.

The theatre decided the front of house speaker system in the Large Hall needed improving and opted for the newly released speakers from Amadeus. Along with the 14 DIVA M² loudspeakers, Amadeus has also installed four new DIVA M² SUB bass complements, paired with Lab.gruppen amplifiers and LAKE controllers.

The Large Hall performance space at the theatre features a 750-person standing capacity (with over 300 seats), an adjustable stage with multiple heights, configurations and surfaces, and 46 independent visual screens spread out over the four sides of the room to create a total immersion experience for the audience.

“The growing demand from artists, as well as producers for immersive video set-ups, brought us to look for a more discreet sound system,” said Jean-Marc Harel, sound department manager at La Gaîté Lyrique. “We wanted speakers placed in a configuration minimising the projected shadows on the visual screens, but without compromising on the power, on the sound pressure level and the clarity and quality of the sound itself. This is why we became interested in the newest Amadeus DIVA M2. Both the speaker’s size and harmonious visual aesthetic perfectly matched our equipment needs.

“The power and size ratio of the new DIVA M2 array speakers compared to the older version is really impressive – even compared to the Amadeus DIVA XL that we used during the past few years. Its new built-in technologies, including the new proprietary waveguide, paired with its coaxial drivers and linear-phase crossover filters – featuring a steep 96dB per octave cutoff slope – help to offer a total linearity throughout the theatre’s listening area.

“Thanks to these new capabilities, we have been able to rethink the layout of the main FOH clusters by adding two Amadeus DIVA M² SUB bass complements in line with the main speakers which are hung on the same bumper. The new subwoofers can be adjusted from 0-to-10° which really helps control the low frequencies beam.”

Pierre Le Cardinal, FOH mixing engineer at La Gaîté Lyrique, added: “This new speaker installation perfectly meets our integration constraints for the concert hall, as well as our ambition for a qualitative evolution of the sound – thanks to a higher sound pressure level, more dynamic response, and better coverage definition across the entire audience.”

In 1862, the same year as Paris’ renowned Théâtre de la Ville and Théâtre du Châtelet were debuted to the public, the Théâtre de la Gaîté Lyrique was also inaugurated. Nearly 150 years later, this Parisian venue was brought back to life after being closed to the public for over 20 years.

“Since its reopening in 2011, the Gaîté Lyrique has stood out by its commitment towards creation and innovation, establishing digital culture at the centre of this Parisian undertaking, while at the same time meeting with a high level of acceptance from the public,” stated Bruno Julliard, First Deputy Mayor of Paris.