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Harman’s extensive audio coverage at racing complex

Systems integrator and Harman distributor Ba Sao Investment has installed an extensive audio system at Dai Nam Racecourse in Vietnam.

Created to boost tourism in the Dai Nam tourism park complex 40km from Ho Chi Minh City, the racecourse was opened in October 2016. With such a huge space – it spans more than 42,000sqm – it was critical that audio coverage was even and clear throughout.

The $100 million complex was built to accommodate five racing disciplines, with tracks for dog and horse racing, auto and motorboat racing, go-kart racing and fly-board performances. The venue can accommodate up to 60,000 spectators with four grandstands that seat around 18,000.

The biggest challenge that Ba Sao Investments faced was the tight schedule. Featuring a full Harman-based system with BSS BLU Link enabled seamless connectivity, helping the system integrator meet the deadline.

The completed racecourse boasts an impressive line-up of technology, with 52 JBL AWC82 speakers taking responsibility for main audio coverage within the stadium. Two JBL PRX710 speakers were installed for monitoring purposes, within the control room. Four AWC129 units were placed for coverage at the entrance of the racecourse and parking area.

Driving the speakers are 15 units of Crown CTs2000 and one CTs3000. The AWC82 and AWC129 are both highly weather-resistant speakers, offering 120º x 120º and 90º x 90º dispersion respectively. They are said to offer extraordinary clarity for speech, with extended frequency response for music.

A Soundcraft Si Expression 1 console handles mixing duties, with a mix capacity of 66 inputs, in a small format. One distinct advantage with the Si Expression 1 console is FaderGlow, which gives the operator an additional level of status indication that helps to reduce errors. Several different functions can be assigned to a fader; FaderGlow indicates the function type that is currently assigned to an individual fader.

BSS networked audio played an important role at the installation. A mix of five units of BLU-50, one BLU-100, one BLU-102 and six units of BLU-DAN integrate the digital signal processing into one seamless system.

For race commentaries, speech reinforcement is offered via five units of AKG WMS470 Vocal Set D5 mics. The set includes a HT470 handheld transmitter featuring a dynamic D5 capsule for well-balanced, powerful sound. The space diversity receiver offers both a microphone level and a line level output.

The AKG wireless system is also supported by two units of AKG CGN521 STS, which is a professional tabletop microphone set with excellent shock-absorbing properties. Its feature a CGN521 condenser gooseneck microphone with a cardioid polar pattern on a slim 50cm gooseneck.

Vo Kim Thanh, vice president, Dai Nam Race Course, declared himself “extremely satisfied” with the chosen products and the installation. He added: “Not only I am very happy with the quality of Harman’s products but the local television stations have also praised the products during their visit.”