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Hagmyren horse racing track revamps with Symetrix Symnet Radius

With an aging sound reinforcement not particularly stable for the venue’s multitude of uses, the newly installed audio solution incorporates a Symetrix Synmet Radius 12x8 processor.

Within the Gulf of Bothina’s 15,000-populated city, Hudiksvall, Sweden, sits the Hagmyren horse-racing track – which acts as one of the city’s main attractions. A recent renovation its sound reinforcement system saw implementation of Symetrix’ newly released SymNet Radius 12×8 processors to handle networked audio. Seven acres of space are available for spectating events that take place on the 1,000m track – which range from horse racing and horse exhibitions – while other activities include car bingo (where participants play the numbers game from their vehicles). Due to its multiple uses, renovation to its aging system was necessary. Integrator DAT was charged with the installation of the new solution – subsequently, enlisting the support of SymNetrix distributor Visono Media. “After investigating the options available on the market, DAT recognised the advantage of going with the SymNet Radius 12×8,” comments Visono Media sales manager Börje Jälmefors. “A pair of SymNet Radius 12x8s could handle all of the processing, sharing signals via the Dante bus, at a very competitive price point.” Jälmefors, explains the project: “There are many other amusements vying for people’s attention and money, and horse racing is competing with them. Moreover, the races are broadcast around the region and around the globe, so the sound quality must be superb. Inputs to the newly installed system include the referee’s wireless microphone, the commentators’ microphones, a paging system, various pre-recorded music feeds, audio from various pre-recorded video feeds, and output from a live mixing console. Both of the Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8s accept either mic-level or line-level inputs. As they are networked together via the Dante bus, signals input to one unit can be sent to the output of the other unit with truly negligible latency. Their combined sixteen outputs feed a rack of QSC amplifiers, which power loudspeakers by TOA, RCF, and Phillips throughout the facility in appropriate zones. “Robert Nilsson of DAT AB told me that the two SymNet Radius 12x8s, with their built-in Dante bus, made it easy to meet all of the complicated requirements of this installation,” reports Jälmefors. “The Dante bus used by the new SymNet Edge and SymNet Radius system is easy to set up and represents an excellent standard for installed, live, and broadcast audio.” Currently, users control the system via Symetrix modular wall panel remotes – the ARC-SW4e and ARC-K1e. “We are very satisfied with the solution Robert Nilsson came up with,” comments Mats Österberg, the manager of Hagmyren. “The most crucial aspect for us was a control interface that is user-friendly and easy to understand. The wall panels Robert gave us meet that requirement.” Jälmefors adds. There are multiple user control options available for the system, these range from simple contact closure to thee range of ARC panels and from the customized SymVue computer interface to many third-party solutions. Furthermore, plans to incorporate ARC-WEB will enable user control of the system via any smartphone.