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Hülsermann brings DooH expertise to NEC

Dirk Hülsermann has joined NEC Display Solutions Europe as manager of NEC’s newly-established DooH Solutions business.

Dirk Hülsermann has joined NEC Display Solutions Europe as manager of NEC’s newly-established DooH Solutions business, and will use his industry expertise to implement the European market launch of NEC’s ad-serving platform VUKUNET, a web platform for the entire advertising workflow on DooH networks that has already been successfully launched in the US.

VUKUNET, together with its service for media and advertising agencies ADVUKU, allows users to search for the most suitable network in any location. VUKUNET is a central, automated hardware- and software-independent web platform which represents the whole workflow of a DooH campaign ranging from planning, booking and distribution of the ads to proof-of-play and billing in DooH networks such as the systems to be found in malls, cinemas, retail stores, airports and so on. It is said to make it easier for agencies and advertisers to communicate and cooperate with a large number of network operators, together with NEC’s channel partners.

Hülsermann joins NEC with a wealth of experience behind him. Having established himself as an expert in the advertising and media industry and a specialist in the field of Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising through various management positions at large multi-national companies such as Kyocera and Mitsu, he was, prior to joining NEC, founder and president of the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Europe (OVAB Europe). Over the last three years, he worked as director, business development, international for Neo Advertising.

“One of the biggest challenges of the DooH industry is that national campaigns are still difficult to plan and buy due to the high fragmentation of the market. As a result, DooH is still not in the relevant set within the agency world,” said Hülsermann. “With VUKUNET, NEC has developed a platform which simplifies the whole campaign process by automating the workflow. It enables agencies to plan and book large campaigns with a simple click and to get a fully automated proof-of-play reporting at the end of a campaign. This will help increase trust and credibility on the agency level, while network owners will benefit from raising advertising sales.”