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Getting it right: Crestron on how digital signage can be used to impress any audience

Some top tips from Crestron technology director Stijn Ooms, on the key things to consider to ensure you get the best results when deploying your digital signage strategy

Some top tips from Crestron technology director Stijn Ooms, on the key things to consider to ensure you get the best results when deploying your digital signage strategy

Attract attention, set the mood 

Create an incomparable in-store experience that excites all the senses and makes an indelible connection between your brand and your customers. With integrated technology solutions you can create a dazzling multimedia experience that will intrigue passers-by, inform the curious and convince the uncertain to shop. There are limitless ways to combine multimedia, lighting, and environmental controls to set the ambiance.

Engage your customers 

Automation can bring a new dimension to the traditional dining and shopping experience with multimedia installations, interactive components, and more. Even something as subtle as lighting is easily controlled to define different zones or highlight featured products. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Automate the repetitive, one-touch presets 

When it comes to running a retail business, there are a myriad of items for your employees to manage: Adjust the lights. Turn off the music. Restart the computers. Activate the security system. This can take up valuable time. However, by having an automated system it could take just the press of a single button. Customisable presets allow you to automate these tasks and ensure that every item is checked off every time. One-touch presets can also be used throughout the day to set up quickly for events, change product displays, and other occasions.

Monitor and control remotely 

Whether you’re managing a single store or an entire national chain, an automation system can give you the ability to monitor and control systems from anywhere at any time. At Crestron we have a platform called Crestron Fusion enterprise management which can remotely monitor the system highlighting any issues that arise remotely. Software like this can coordinate audio and video to be synchronised across several stores, or even use remote viewing capabilities to check on security footage. Consolidating controls through a single platform can save time and money.

Improving efficiency and sustainability 

Running a sustainable operation isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your bottom line. An all-in-one solution offers the ability to manage everything, including lights, shading and AV equipment, in one integrated system. You can develop custom automations triggered by time of day, light sensors, or motion sensors to help manage your stores intelligently, maximising efficiency and minimising headaches.

Keep It fresh 

In the competitive world of retail, nothing is as important as continual reinvention. New products, new promotions, and new experiences are what keep customers coming back. It is important to build a flexible multimedia system with content that can be distributed in brilliant digital quality. It is important to choose a solution that offers both hardware and software that is engineered to integrate various technologies, is easy to upgrade and makes it easy to expand your system to meet your changing needs.