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Get your head in the Cloud to improve collaboration in teaching and meeting room environments

Airtame device allows you to wirelessly mirror whatever you’re presenting to anyone in the room with a phone, tablet or laptop 

Company name: Airtame

Product name/model: Airtame – SKU: AT-DG1

Target market: education/corporate

Product details/USP

Airtame is a device that has been developed with businesses and educational institutions in mind. The main functionality of Airtame is wireless streaming, which helps to improves classroom and meeting room interaction. Cables are no longer needed to host your presentations.

How does it work?

The device simply slots into the HDMI port of a television, monitor or projector and once connected to the WiFi network, anyone who has downloaded the simple app will be able to present. All they have to do is select the name of the meeting room TV and they will be instantly presenting.

Airtame improves class and meeting room interaction. Cables are no longer needed to host presentation

Full screen mirroring allows users to share work from Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook – even when on the go. With multiple Airtames, one display screen can be shared on many screens; perfect for large auditoriums. Customers include schools and businesses all over the world.

When no one is actively streaming, Airtame can be turned into a digital signage solution, putting valuable information in front of students/employees including sales figures or upcoming lessons.

From an IT perspective, the option to remotely manage all devices through Airtame Cloud, is appreciated by all IT admins. They can quickly check to see if devices are online and diagnose what needs to be done if not working as it should. They can access and edit device settings directly from the cloud without having to open up the Airtame app, saving them a lot of time and effort.

Examples in action

Some very well known and established educational institutions and businesses are currently using Airtame.

Hult International business school’s London campus has 24 huddle rooms to make group work run as smooth as possible. Each of these rooms has a TV and an Airtame device. Using the free Airtame Cloud platform, the IT team at Hult can quickly log in to a web portal and check that all of their Airtame devices are online and updated. They can check that the devices are running the right background content and even see when they’re in use. If one or more units need to be updated or rebooted, the IT team can do this in two clicks.

Desert Sands is a Unified School District in La Quinta, CA that prepares students for life outside of the classroom with wireless technology. Students use Airtame to present their science projects and share PowerPoint presentations with their class, and teachers use them for interactive learning exercises, demos, and to access digital versions of textbooks.

Airtame is also being used in businesses such as Daniel Wellington Watches by allowing staff to go wireless in their offices in the US, Europe and Asia where it is being used for both internal team meetings and presentations for distributors to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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Price: €299