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Gesture-controlled ‘hologram’ device distributed by Engage (WITH VIDEO)

The 2.4m high, diamond-shaped Holo offers the biggest 360° floating optical experience on the market, and is controlled by simple hand gestures.

Interactive technology specialist Engage Production has announced that it is distributing Holo, the latest take on the 400-year-old ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ illusion. Offering the biggest 360° floating optical experience on the market, and controlled by simple hand gestures, the 2.4m high, diamond-shaped Holo was designed by Conran and devised by London-based innovation company Beagle Media.

Launched in October, Holo is available in a bespoke range of colours and materials to achieve a unique minimalist design, including wafer-thin German-engineered glass, brushed aluminium and chrome.

Watch a video of Holo in action here:

Conran’s Holo from Engage Production on Vimeo.

“Holo is the biggest hologram product on the market using projection and projectors,” explained Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage. “But there’s more to Holo than sheer size. It’s also the only hologram device with gesture control, and we at Engage can customise the gesture control experience to suit the client. It’s a fantastic device for companies seeking an experience that will help them close deals, drive investment, educate, inform, and entertain.”

Harry Anscombe, managing director of Beagle Media, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Engage in delivering this amazing product. Anyone wishing to deliver a unique and compelling sensory and interactive experience to their target audience needs to think about Holo.”

Holo is available for purchase or hire.