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Belgium’s German-speaking Community legislates with beyerdynamic

The German-speaking Community, a member state of the Belgian Federation, has integrated a beyerdynamic MCS-D 200 wired conference system into the plenary hall in the parliament building.

This is where the legislator passes decrees and the beyerdynamic conference system was fitted into the wooden furnishing, which symbolises the abundant forestry in the area.

The three interpreter booths, with a total of six MCS-D 202 interpreter stations, give added flexibility, each with 54 programmable audio channels. The conference and recording software steno-s 4 Conference ensures that sessions can be recorded and archived.

The parliamentary president presides over plenary sessions using the MCS-D 3073 Chairman microphone unit. A further 46 microphone units for the delegates each feature a microphone, channel selection, display, voting button and a two-way loudspeaker system.

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