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German publisher engages SpinetiX signage

Newspaper publisher Nordbayerischer Kurier decided to reach out to its 35,000-strong readship via a digital signage network powered by SpinetiX.

Nordbayerischer Kurier, a major newspaper publisher in Bayreuth, Germany, has implemented a digital signage network based on the HMP100 Hyper Media Player from Swiss manufacturer SpinetiX.

With more than 35,000 customers in the region, the newspaper wanted to display content within an urban network in the form of digital signage. Editorials, news articles and videos as well as external information sources (fx, weather data) were to be displayed and presented in an appealing manner in local busines premises and in shop windows.

Assigned to the implementation of the project was local information and communication technology experts TMT. The company selected the HMP100 player from SpinetiX based on its small size, simplified installation and its ability to playback various media formats from different sources.

Around 30 installations of the signage solution in the heart of the city and at well-attended venues in the region now display promotional advertisements, videos and dynamic content from various sources (videos, news, data feeds, tourist information and theatre events). Using the TMT Sigma application (Signage Manager), the newspaper publisher is able to monitor all installations and organise the screens remotely.

Michael R├╝mmele, managing director of the Nordbayerischer Kurier, comments: “Our signage network has fully met our expectations. Despite the complex technical requirements, the Sigma TMT software allows our employees to quickly and easily manage all content.”

Serge Konter, marketing manager of SpinetiX, adds: “The signage solution from TMT impresses by its ease of use and its rich functionality. With our German distribution partner Weyel Distribution, we are looking forward to further challenges of this kind.”