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German museum balances events calendar with Allen & Heath

The Museum of Communications in Frankfurt, Germany, recently installed an Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital rackmount mixer with AR2412 remote IO rack to manage its diverse events calendar.

“The Museum is well known for its regular change of exhibitions and hosting world-famous speakers. We needed a console that is both reliable and with excellent sound quality,” explained audio engineer, Kai Grumpe.

The Museum of Communications hosts events throughout the year, including exhibitions, private functions, concerts and conferences. The venue needed a new console that could manage a variety of functions, including live sound and broadcast feeds, for a event programme ranging from jazz bands to panel discussions.

“Allen & Heath’s Qu-16 offers everything we need to manage the Museum’s daily business. It has stunning FX and very good sound quality, as well as the crucial Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) feature,” continued Grumpe.

In conference situations, AMM helps the engineer to manage the levels of multiple microphone inputs, which ensures each speaker’s contribution is heard but with priority settings to establish an order of precedence, as well as reducing background noise and minimising the risk of feedback.

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