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Genelec installed at eco-venue in Milan

GreenWaves in Milan is a venue focused on ecological and environmental issues; its aim is to raise awareness for the cultural practice of sustainable living. Genelec's 4000 Series helped achieve a subtle yet powerful audio solution.

GreenWaves, located in the Italian city of Milan, is a multipurpose venue dedicated to raising awareness of ecological and environmental issues. Genelec’s 4000 Series has been employed in two rooms in the club as part of the audio solution due its application versatility and green credentials. Cultural events such as exhibitions, games, plays, concerts as well as workshops and training sessions all take place in the space, which promotes the use of energy renewables, music and artistic expression. The 4000 Series creates background sounds and music said to complement the ecological ambiance of the venue. Eight 4020A monitors finished in matt black were installed into the two rooms of the club. They feature Phoenix screw terminals and integrated amplifiers said to make for a straightforward installation and secure connection, allowing a subtle integration. The loudspeakers also have in-built protection circuitry which guard the system again misuse and signal peaks. Italian pro-audio company Leading Technologies of Monza, specified the Genelec 4000 Series. Fiore Confuorto of the company explained: “Genelec speakers are renowned throughout the world for their superb performance in all types of environment. Furthermore, the company’s recent pioneering work in sustainable manufacturing made the 4000 Series the ideal choice for this project. The end result is a listening environment that can be tailored to suit the individual demands of each event held at GreenWaves.” Genelec’s Room Response controls are said to optimise the loudspeaker’s performance in different acoustical environments, regardless of interior design factors. Furthermore vast mounting options and accessories ensure installation is as simple as possible so that a variety of scenarios