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Gefen scaler addresses 4K/1080p compatibility problems

Commercial integrators can encounter compatibility issues in installations that feature a mix of 4K and 1080p displays, according to Gefen. In response, the company has developed its EXT-UHD600A-12-DS 4K 600 MHz 1:2 scaler with EDID detective and audio-de-embedder, which is now shipping.

Independent scalers are built into each of the two HDMI outputs of the EXT-UHD600A-12-DS. One output can downscale a 4K 600MHz signal to 1080p Full HD, while the other can upscale an HD signal to 4K 600MHz, maximising compatibility in a mixed resolution display system.

Conversely, a single 1080p input can also be split and scaled to separate 1080p and 4K 600MHz outputs, providing upscaling functions that are designed to increase the fidelity of the original input for use with 4K-capable displays.

Jason Fitzgerald, product manager at Gefen, said: “Commercial integrators are often called upon to update and upgrade legacy systems, and may encounter a mixture of 1080p and 4K devices within a system. This unit allows them to create two video paths from one input, with each path best-suited for the devices it will be connected to. This solution allows the installation to attain the highest possible performance in situations where legacy equipment coexists with the latest technology sources and displays.”

Stand: 1-N50