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GDS modular lighting system specified for HOME arts complex

The new arts complex in Manchester, HOME, has been fitted with a modular GDS ArcSystem LED lighting solution for multiple spaces within the complex.

HOME was formed by a merger of the Library Theatre Company and The Cornerhouse and features a 500-seat theatre, 150-seat flexible theatre, five cinema screens, a gallery space, digital production and broadcast facilities and a café bar and restaurant.

At a cost of £25m HOME is the largest combined arts centre outside London and its design placed a premium upon energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. GDS was approached by contractors Dodds Group to supply a design for lighting multiple spaces within the complex. These included its main theatre, a studio theatre and five cinemas. After detailed consultation across a number of months, GDS in-house architectural lighting specialist Paul Johnson used DIALux software to prepare a fully costed ArcSystem design. GDS distributor Stage Electrics supplied the products as well as being part of the project management and commissioning team.

Almost 150 ArcSystem fittings were used throughout the project, wirelessly controlled using GDS’s ArcMesh protocol. The majority of the fittings comprised 1 cell 2700K 27 Degree Black Recessed Fixed but a smaller number of more powerful 4 cell round 2700K 60 Degree fixtures were used in the theatre and studio.

On the choice of the ArcSystem, Jasper Gilbert, technical director and head of production at HOME, explained: “First and foremost, the quality of light offered by ArcSystem throughout all the spaces at HOME is superb and contributes to a first-rate experience for users of the theatres and cinemas. It’s something that has been remarked upon by many visitors. Equally significantly, the system combines low maintenance with exceptional energy savings, serving to keep down costs and reduce our environmental impact. There is no doubt that we are in a win-win situation with ArcSystem.”

GDS managing director Matt Lloyd added: “Within the world of theatre, ArcSystem is no stranger to diversity of application. Whether as part of a brand new build or being retrofitted into some of the finest historic venues in the world, ArcSystem has been developed and adapted to meet the range of challenges that these vastly different spaces present. What’s exciting about recent developments is that it’s clear that ArcSystem is beginning to make its mark in facilities outside the theatrical landscape. In recent times we’ve seen it utilised in TV studios and now of course, multiple cinemas in the HOME project.”

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