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Furman power conditioner completes high school auditorium renovation

Delano High School has recently refurbished its auditorium, with a new sound system installed by Farber Sound. The system is protected by Furman, with additional elements from JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft and Shure.

Delano High School in Delano, Minnesota has recently refurbished its auditorium with a new sound system installed by Farber Sound. The system is protected by Furman, with audio equipment from JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft and Shure.

The 437-seat auditorium, which hosts a range of activities from assemblies to musical and theatrical performances, was completely renovated, with the goal of achieving full-range and highly intelligible audio throughout. Local installers Farber Sound deployed an ASD-120 AC Sequenced Power Distribution 120 Amp, three MP-20Q Quad Box Power Relay Accessory units, and a PL-8C Power Conditioner.

The MP-20Q 2-gang relays are specific to the mixing console and the control booth monitors powering them up in a calculated sequence that is synchronised with the turn-on sequence of the ASD-120 for the other sound system components. “This gives us a common key that turns on the sound system and also triggers the low-voltage outputs of the ASD-120 and triggers the MP-20Q relays to turn the mixer and monitors on and off,” explained a Farber spokesperson. The PL-8C power conditioner provides the entire system with Furman’s Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS).

Farber added: “It’s also very easy and predictable to use, so the school’s staff can operate it consistently every time.” Farber Sound has used Furman technology for other school projects in the area, such as Rockford High School where the new sound system installation is nearly complete, and which also made use of the ASD-120. “We use Furman because it offers a simple solution for easy and reliable power management and surge protection,” said Farber. “It’s a great choice for schools like these that provides a lot of management and protection capability with a minimal number of components and cost.”