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Ford drives LED lighting at manufacturing plants globally

Ford is to invests more than $25 million to install LED lighting at manufacturing facilities in North America and across the globe

Ford Motor Company is investing in the future as it begins installing LED lighting at manufacturing facilities across the globe. The new lights, valued at more than $25 million, will save energy and money while improving safety and lighting quality.

The 25,000 new LED fixtures will replace traditional high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lights, and are expected to reduce Ford’s energy use at manufacturing facilities by 56 million kilowatt-hours annually – enough to power more than 6,000 average-sized homes per year.

That equates to an up to 70 percent reduction in lighting energy consumption compared to traditional technologies. Annual energy costs are expected to be reduced by approximately $7 million.

The need for maintenance will diminish, as LED lighting has a 15-year life expectancy. Studies show LED light output remains steady at less than 1 percent degradation per year over the life of the equipment, while fluorescent and HID fixtures require re-lamping in as little as two years. LED lights improve safety by eliminating hazardous materials in fixtures and lowering fire risks. At the same time, the technology provides a brighter work area, better uniformity and improved colour perception, resulting in a better quality of light for plant employees.

“We are extremely pleased to install this leading-edge technology in our manufacturing facilities worldwide,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, global manufacturing and labor affairs. “This is a long term investment in our future that highlights our aggressive approach to lead in environmental improvements and achieve operating efficiencies.”

Work has begun at Ford’s truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan to replace worn and outdated overhead lighting. The LED replacement program will continue through the year at 17 other Ford manufacturing facilities across the globe, including Kentucky truck plant in Louisville, Kentucky; Livonia transmission plant in Livonia, Michigan; Dearborn stamping plant; Essex engine plant in Windsor, Ontario; Dagenham engine plant in Dagenham, UK; and Oakville assembly in Oakville, Ontario.