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Fohhn loudspeakers chosen for Lincoln church update

Wigwam Acoustics installs Fohhn Linea AL systems for replacement sound system at the church of St. Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln.

Wigwam Acoustics installs Fohhn Linea AL systems for replacement sound system at the church of St. Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln. Following a successful UK cathedral project earlier this year, the installation division of Wigwam Acoustics has once again turned to Fohhn Audio for a project at the Church of St. Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln. The church specified a replacement sound system that would be capable of generating excellent levels of speech intelligibility, yet be flexible enough to meet a range of worship requirements and allow operation by untrained staff or congregation. For main sound coverage, Fohhn Audio Linea Series AL100 and AL150 loudspeakers were selected. The two-way line source systems with integral line array technology are popular for fixed installation use, particularly in venues with difficult acoustics or long reverberation times. Offering highly directional sound coverage, the speakers give excellent levels of speech intelligibility and have sufficient low-mid capability to provide powerful and effective music reproduction. Their slim, elegant appearance also enables them to blend into a range of architectural settings. With a distributed loudspeaker system considered essential for this reverberant venue, the Wigwam installation team mounted AL100 loudspeakers on the front pillars, while deploying the larger AL150 systems on rear pillars for greater coverage. Two further AL100s have been installed in a separate area that can be isolated for smaller services. Two Fohhn X-Series XSP-2 compact passive subwoofers have also been included for enhancing low-end coverage during certain events. A Fohhn FC-9 DSP system controller provides automatic calibration, integrated management and protection for the loudspeaker systems. As with any historic building, aesthetics have played a major part in the project design and implementation. This has involved discreet cabling and the use of specially designed brackets that enable the loudspeakers to be mounted as closely as possible to the pillars. The loudspeakers themselves have been painted in a stone-matched RAL colour to blend with the pillars. A simple control system has been implemented that enables church staff to switch on and operate the system in a basic format. An additional mixing desk offers greater flexibility during larger services involving a worship band. “We’ve received very positive comments from the congregation about the clarity of the system and also the minimal effect on aesthetics,” says David Orridge, project manager at Wigwam Acoustics. “The operators also commented on the ease of use and simplicity of the system”. The loudspeaker systems were supplied by Fohhn’s UK distributor Systems Workshop.