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Florence’s Cathedral Museum reopens with RCF evacuation system (VIDEO)

The Cathedral Museum in Florence has been renovated and reopened with an RCF EN54 compliant DXT 9000 evacuation system including discreet ceiling speakers.

Located by the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, the Museum is the largest permanent exposition of sculptures from the Tuscan Middle Ages and Renaissance and includes artworks from Donatello and Michelangelo.

A team of architects led the renovation project, which resulted in a doubling of the area where the artworks are shown to around 6,000sqm.

The COO of the Museum’s communication technology, Daniele Baccellini from GM Engineering studio, commented: “The DXT 9000 is compliant with the EN54 standard, works very well and allows pre-recorded evacuation announcements to be integrated with vocal messages that are broadcast to the public in specific situations.”

The system was designed by Professor Giancarlo Martarelli and can broadcast messages in both Italian and English as part of the fire alarm system. The package includes an MX 9504 amplified master unit, a UP 9504 four-channel amplifier and a BM 9804 multi-zone paging microphone, all manufactured by RCF. The evacuation system is completed by around 60 PL 70EN ceiling speakers, that blend into the Museum’s interiors. Baccellini explained: “This is an extraordinary exposition, so presentation is also really important. We chose the ceiling speakers not just because of their functional features, but also because of their look.”

Francesco Fallani, a representative from the company C.L. Impianti, which installed the Museum’s electrical systems, added: “We had already used this evacuation system in other projects in the past and we will keep on proposing it. Besides the functionality and efficiency of the products, we value RCF’s collaboration and technical support in all operation phases.”

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