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Flare Audio speakers installed in Half Moon, Putney

A fully specified speaker system from Flare Audio has been installed in the Half Moon in Putney, south-west London – one of the capital’s longest-standing and most respected independent live music spots. Its musical pedigree includes some of the industry’s biggest names, including the Rolling Stones, the Who, Bo Diddley, Kasabian and U2.

The venue is the first to use the new SM15 stage monitors and V15C 15in high-SPL point-source loudspeakers, which both feature 15in and 1in drivers. The compact SM15 measures 384mm x 421mm x 595mm, has a maximum SPL of 133.5dB, and can be used at either a 40º or 55º angle. The V15C extended bass point source cabinet measures 595mm x 459mm, and is just 210mm deep.

Additional low-frequency energy is supplied by Q218 ultra sub cabinets and the flat panel SB21, which won the 2013 PLASA Award For Excellence.

Stevie Wyatt, chief engineer at the Half Moon, commented: “What’s distinctive about Flare is how much power and clarity you get from such physically small boxes, it really is impressive. When you first see our subs, it’s hard to believe they are dual 18s, as the boxes are so incredibly compact, but the ingenious design delivers plenty of stomach-kicking power and a smooth, complete response right down to the low end of the spectrum.

“Equally impressive are the tops and floor monitors. They deliver consistent high fidelity and vocal clarity no matter how hard you push the system. There are no holes in the coverage, they are super loud – it really is the perfect system for the venue. The headroom we have now is stratospheric! Having seen various PA systems come through the Half Moon in my 15 years here, this is the first rig I can run virtually flat – it just sounds right. This has been reflected in the many positive comments I’ve been getting from punters and bands since the installation. Everyone is really complimentary about the rig. There’s some very clever design going on here, I’m definitely now a Flare convert and I look forward to seeing what else they bring out in the future.”

This year, the Half Moon was one of the 18 participating venues that hosted a gig as part of Independent Venue Week, with the evening’s line-up being curated by Domino Records.

Flare Audio’s MD, Kristin Hanson, commented: “We are really happy to be involved with a venue that has such a rich past and current vibrance in the live music scene. It’s an exciting pairing; the technology of our speakers, combined with a venue that values and respects both its artists and its audience will in turn enhance the connection between both. The artists will be more accessible to the audience via the high definition sound that the technology provides.”

Flare Audio is represented exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Orbital Sound.