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FirstEnergy harnesses AMX and iPad technology

The London-based investment services business has installed a video conferencing solution that can be controlled by wireless tablet.

As part of an upgrade to its boardroom, FirstEnergy initially installed a system comprising a 65in Panasonic plasma with PC connectivity and local speakers to provide audio reproduction. A TV and DVD were also installed with control over all equipment via IR handsets.

More recently the company decided that it required videoconferencing capabilities added to the system with ceiling-mounted microphones to negate cluttering of the boardroom table. With the addition of the VC and specialised audio system the number of IR handsets would have increased to a point where control would simply be impossible.

For this reason, integrator CCOMM recommended a control system from AMX to facilitate simple user control over all of the equipment. Wireless connectivity was paramount so as to provide the most flexible system for the user. CCOMM recommended harnessing iPad technology, thus providing a simple and intuitive interface, with highly visible icons and the ability to enable the device to be used by the client as a wireless tablet.

Moya Wooder, office manager at FirstEnergy commented: “We were pleased CCOMM recommended this control solution to us, as it has performed remarkably well. The beauty of the iPad is that it is foolproof, simple and clear to use requiring very little explanation to other users, ensuring that an IT person does not need to be present every time a VidCon or Audio call is made. I would thoroughly recommend using this method.”

“At AMX, we believe in giving our customers the solutions they want and we have long been an advocate of open-standards based platforms that allow for simpler technological integration and greater user choice, added AMX sales director, Jonathan Mangnall . We have been providing our dealers with the tools to integrate products like the iPad and iPhone for some time now and we are working in a number of vertical markets to help corporate clients explore various control solutions for their staff.”