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First US university campus install for Daktronics’ new LED displays

The University of California becomes the first US campus to install Daktronics new Digital Street Furniture LED displays. The displays will provide the 30,000 student population with static promotional information, and provide a means for emergency communication.

The University of California has enhanced the delivery of promotional event messages and announcements to students passing through its theatre district with the installation of four Daktronics Digital Street Furniture LED displays.

The university becomes the first US campus to install the Daktronics LED furniture, which will serve the campus’s 30,000 student population. The system can also be used for emergency announcements.

Each display measures 5ft high by 3ft wide (1.5m by 90cm) and features tight 6mm line spacing, which is said to be well suited for heavy foot traffic and slow-moving motorised traffic environments such as shopping centres. The systems have been positioned at eye-level to deliver maximum visibility of scheduled advertising, event announcements and other timely information to passers-by. Screen content is relayed by its own dedicated Daktronics DMP-8065 media player, updated daily with content via Daktronics Venus 1500 control software over the university’s network. Content is currently static images but the University of California intends on implementing animated content. Picture quality is backed by 6,000 nits of adjustable brightness to overcome ambient lighting conditions. In addition, each device has been manufactured with a layer of glass covering the actual LED elements as an extra means of protection.

“We’re excited that UC San Diego has elected to be on the front lines of emerging technology and selected our company to provide their campus with this new street level video solution,” said Jay Parker, vice president of live events for Daktronics. “This Street Furniture product offers versatility at eye level that can be very useful for college campuses for event promotion, advertising and campus alerts. We look forward to the future of this product.”