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FIFA museum first to install SiliconCore Lavender displays

The FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich has been fitted with three SiliconCore Lavender 1.2mm LED displays in the Sportsbar 1904 – the first time this display has been installed.

FIFA’s brief specified having the best products available in their class, from the high resolution displays to the largest bandwidth streaming systems. Integrator AVS Systeme AG secured the first installation of SiliconCore’s Lavender 1.2mm LED display with three 3×2 metre, 2400 x 1350 resolution screens.

The displays were required to show a complex range of content including up to 16 matches being streamed simultaneously. As the layout of the space can also be transformed for evening conferences, the screens needed to adapt to additional content such as FIFA show reels, advertising and presentations. A centralised management system means content can be updated easily by the in-house team, enabling additional revenue streams to be maximised through advertising by complementary brands.

Laila Hede Jensen, VP of sales – Europe for SiliconCore explained: “Space within the area is at premium so we developed a bespoke bracket to make front service accessibility possible and are the first manufacturer to do so for a pixel pitch this small. This allowed the displays to be placed less than 200mm away from the back wall. The extra space gained with this design has meant area usage can be maximised, therefore expanding revenue streams and business potential in the venue.

“Close proximity viewing was an essential requirement with the bar seating literally inches away from the displays, so the distance of less than one metre and 160° viewing angle that the technology enables were ideal.”

These are made possible by SiliconCore’s Common Cathode technology, which features extremely low power dissipation and heat generation so no additional cooling infrastructure is needed. This negates any risk of overheating from it being placed so close to the wall. The silent operation and no heat emission ensures that people close to the screens have a comfortable experience. The displays also have an extended lifetime of 100,000 hours and require minimum maintenance.