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eyevis LCD helps power innovative research in Germany

The Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Centre in Tuebingen, Germany, recently developed a new innovative visitor information research system featuring an 84in eyevis LCD display.

The eyevis display, which uses a touch-system and ultra HD resolution with 3840 × 2160 pixels, has been installed for Eye-Visit – an intuitive and personalised visitor information system at the museum, which features interactive displays.

The system is used to research and develop ways of supplying multimedia information by adapting content to meet the needs and interest of visitors, and provide each individual with information about exhibitions or exhibits. Among other things, this enables the visitor to gain an overview of exhibits on the multi-touch display prior to his/her visit to the exhibition, generating a personalised tour itinerary for their smartphone.

With the eyevis displays offering a screen size of more than 2.1m in diagonal and an infrared touch system, researchers at the centre believe there is an enhanced ability to investigate group behaviour of those taking part in the research.

The screen is also protected against registering accidental commands, which could disrupt research findings. The screen recognises the size of the contact area, so that if a person leans on the table with their whole hand, this won’t register, whereas the screen will instantly detect when a finger touches it. What’s more, thanks to the extremely high ultra HD resolution, the display offers clear and sharp images even when visitors are only an arm’s length away. Additionally the displays, with a contrast ratio of 5.000: Edge-LED backlight and a high brightness of 500 cd/m² provides brilliant images even in bright ambient light conditions.

eyevis engineers installed the display on a height-adjustable table so that it can be transported to different areas of the building – a feature that will ensure the table can be used for events at the centre. The employees of the Leibniz Research Center are highly satisfied with the result: “eyevis met all our requirements with the ultra HD display,” commented Kurt Langenbacher, the centre’s project director in the area of media technology.