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eyevis broadens LED product range

German display manufacturer eyevis now divides its LED portfolio into three types, following the launch of the eyeLED-M and ePANEL ranges .

German display manufacturer eyevis has supplemented its LED product range with two new product series: eyeLED-M and ePANEL. The manufacturer now divides its LED portfolio into three types: standardfor a wide variety of applications; custom,manufactured in Germany with high precision and various alternative set-ups; and modularwith even greater high flexibility to createtailor-made solutions.

The ePANEL product family has arisen from a strategic partnership with Chinese manufacturer Unilumin. Under the agreement, eyevis provides expertise in the technical implementation of display control and signal processing, while the Chinese partner contributes its capacity and speed of production.

The new ePANEL LED modules are suitable for bezel-free LED walls with high resolution and a minimal pixel pitch, while at the same time offering the highest quality standard at cost-efficient pricing, according to eyevis. Four types of ePANELs are available, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9mm to 1.9 mm; all modules have a 16:9 aspect ratio. The ePANEL modules fit together as one, and are suitable for the presentation of videos and images for example in retail, TV studios and mission-critical control rooms.

The prominent feature of the versatile eyeLED-M series is that individual LED boards composing a module can be arranged in any way, and can even be installed separately. This enables the implementation of very specialised and extraordinary project requirements, as display surfaces can always be assembled individually. Clients can choose the exact measurements and outlines for their project: for instance, a client recently received a square LED module adapted to the dimensions of his exhibition booth.

Moreover, the power supply and image processing unit can be detached if necessary from the rear of the module and installed remotely. “We have comprehensive know-how of large screen technologies, signal processing and control, as well as of precise media mechanics – the foundation of this innovative product, which makes high-resolution LED videowalls even more flexible,” explained Hartmut Weinreich, LED product manager at eyevis.

The eyeLED-M series belongs to the eyeLED product family, manufactured by eyevis in Germany. The standard eyeLED modules already provide much leeway for project adaptations and are the basis for many custom-made solutions. This versatility is achieved through the production in small numbers, which is always adaptable to client requirements.

All modules of the eyeLED product family have integrated image processing boards, which thanks to their level of performance can be used for top-quality image corrections and adjustments. The display control software eyeDESIGN by eyevis, an integral part of all eyevis modules, allows for the intuitive configuration and saving of presets. Due to their adjustable colour temperatures without any perceptible loss in brightness, eyeLED modules are a good choice for demanding installations, for example in TV studios.

A fail-safe daisy-chain wiring scheme and an open interface for third-party control systems round off the eyeLED product family.

Hartmut Weinreich commented: “Our even broader selection of LED modules now fulfils every idea and individual request of our clients.”